20 Pesos Gold Coin

From one of the oldest mints in North America the Mexican 20 Pesos Aztec Gold Coin is just shy of half an ounce containing 04823 oz of fine gold. The front of the Mexican 20 Peso Gold 048 oz displays the coat of arms of Mexico.

N T 20 Peso Gold Coin 1915 In Extra Fine Condition Front Jose Marti Back Country Coat Of Arms Mintage 56 770 Gold Coins Rare Gold Coins Numismatic Coins

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20 pesos gold coin. Mexican pesos were manufactured in different denominations thus they were produced of several different sizes. The 20 Pesos coin contains 4823 oz of Gold. The 20 peso gold coin is both beautiful in its design and low cost.

New World Price Guide Search. The obverse of the Gold Mexican Peso coin shows the Mexican coat of arms featuring an eagle defeating a rattlesnake and talons making purchase on a cactus. Mexican 20 Peso Gold Coin The reverse of the Mexican 20 Peso Gold 48 oz depicts the ancient Aztec sun calendar Cuauhxicalli an icon today and recognized worldwide.

Diameter 225 mm 0886 inches Thickness 140 mm 0055 inches Metal Content 90 Gold 10 copper. In 1917 in an attempt to restore confidence in the inflation-ravaged currency the government issued this gold twenty pesos along with a gold ten and five pesos. In 1918 two and 2½ pesos pieces were added and in 1921 the fifty pesos.

The weight of the gold that is used in the production of this coin is 366g or 04823oz Gold and the total weight of the coin is 40679g. While Gold prices fluctuate the popularity of the Mexican Gold Peso bullion coins only increases due to the Gold coins outstanding Gold bullion value. Mexican Peso 10 Gold Coin.

Other Vintage Gold Coins from Mexico. Altho the smaller coins circulated for a brief while the larger coins were completely hoarded. Face Value 20 Pesos.

Cuba 20 Pesos KM 21. This 20 Pesos coin has a mintage of 1094000 and was produced as part of the 20 Pesos series that was minted from 1917-1921 and 1959. Main Sizes of the Mexican Gold Peso Coins.

Each coin contains 4823 troy ounces of gold content in an alloy of 90 gold 10 copper. Mexican Peso 25 Gold Coin. David Akers John Jay Pittman sale 8-99 very choice proof 1915 realized 11500.

This coin was issued from 1926 to 1980 by the Chile Mint and has a high purity of 9000 or 216K. Face Value 10 Pesos. Mexican Peso 5 Gold Coin.

All the issues including 1945 Dos Pesos Gold Coin 2 Pesos contains 0482 ounces of pure gold the 25 Pesos Gold coin contains 0603 ounces of Gold the 5 Pesos Gold Coin contains 01205 ounces of Gold the 10 Pesos Gold Coin contains 02411 ounces of Gold the Mexican 20 Pesos Gold Coin. All sizes of Mexican Gold Pesos coins are valuable for their Gold content. 15 rows Standard circulation coin Years.

20 Pesos 20 MXP Currency. The Mexico 20 Peso is the only coin to depict the modern coat of arms on the Reverse side where the eagle is facing sideways and not forward as with other peso coins. Diameter 1900 mm 0748 inches Thickness 114 mm 0045 inches Metal Content 90 Gold 10 copper.

The denomination was issued under. It will make a great addition to any investors gold holding. 20 Chilean Pesos Liberty Gold 1926-1980.

Face Value 5 Pesos. The 20 pesos gold coin features on its obverse the Eagle Bowl which is more widely known as the Aztec calendar or Sun Stone. Check out our 20 pesos gold coin selection for the very best in unique or custom handmade pieces from our shops.

The 20-peso gold coin featuring the Aztec Sun Stone was first struck for circulation in 1917 and ran until 1921. The Mexico Viente Pesos were issued from 1917-1959 and produced at Mexico City Mint. Most coins will be from the more recent issues.

50 Pesos Gold Coins 1947 Prior Gold 20 Pesos 1959 Prior Gold 10 Pesos 1959 Prior Gold 5 Pesos 1955 Prior See More Categories. The coin has a diameter of 185mm. The words Estados Unidos.

Gold 2 12 Pesos 1948 Prior Gold 2 Pesos 1947 Prior Mexican Gold Commemorative Coins. As a Mexican legal tender the coin carries a face value of 20 Pesos. The 20 Pesos gold coins have a very detailed and intricate design making them very appealing to collectors.

Mexican 20 Peso 4823 Ounces Gold Content Gold Gold Coins Mexican

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